Monday, September 6, 2010

My Blood, Your Blood

Labor Day Weekend. Hope everyone had a great one .... without actually having to do any labor. haha. 
My weekend began with a trip to the coast with Barbie where we met up with Chelle //Shell//. Mexican food, Cocktails and a movie .... couldn't ask for a better night. Eat.Pray.Love is hands down one of the best movies i've seen in awhile ... So uplifting and hopeful. Obviously I was inspired by the book to create my lifes journey for Life. Love. Danika blog.
If you haven't heard of it .... I recommend watching the movie and I double recommend reading the book.

Unfortunately I did have to slave away in the 100 degree Florida heat. Why don't I have a money tree in my back yard?! Even with the work I had a pretty great weekend. Got to finally experience my first actual parade as well, True Story! I've always been in them my whole life ... if it wasn't a Beauty Pageant it was soccer, if not soccer then in was Tae Kwon Do. Watching the parade from the side walk as the people and horses went by I could only think .... How the hell am I from here?

I am so proud to announce that I have officially crossed off one of my goals on my "Buried Life List": Donate Blood. It was a show indeed. I was very nervous but the nurses were very patient with me. I may have been the entertainment of the whole day. I'm not going to downplay it .... I was a mess. From the prick to my finger to the actual needle penetrating the vein. While the nurse was getting things set up she asked "Hunny, are you sure you want to do this? I'm not forcing you if you don't want to." My whole body was uncontrollable with the shakes but as I looked out the window into the rainy sky I tried to imagine the person who would be receiving my blood .... someone who really needed it. So I turned back to her with determination in my eyes "Yes I do. Let's do it!" As I turned my head back towards the window I closed my eyes and bit my lip. And without a moments notice it was done. All the panic for nothing .... lol. Ooooooh Life.

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  1. I'm so proud of you! I told you to that you need to mark off that you want to inspire someone off your burried life list. You inspire to go after what I want in life and not be scared to do so. Your an amazing, and beautiful woman and I love you so much.