Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prepping, Shopping & Surgery ... OH MY!

Exciting news!! 3 days left until i'm Mary Tyler Moore'in it in Time Square.
I've been an online shopping manic lately but I only want to look my best ... or maybe I want
to be the best looking out of the bunch :)
This is such a great motivation for me since this past week has been nothing but hell.
Sam and I are no longer. Barbie told me that I should never be treated like I wasn't number one and
I totally agree. So from now on these blogs are going to start getting pretty interesting. No high hopes, just
fun ... if something comes from it then wonderful!

Just an update on my surgery. It didn't go quite like I expected .... the part about not being put under that is.
So needless to say I had to endure three shots in my lower eyelid then watch a scalpel come cut out the cyst while I was awake.
hmmm ... no fun.

                                                          On my way to the surgery center

Pre Surgery ... lol

Not much to blog about this week. Next week I might write a book to make up for it. ;)

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