Sunday, October 10, 2010

50 First Dates

Love. The one word to conquer us all. We as humans strive for it, fight for it and even take unique means to find it. Ya know how people say they are afraid of heights but in all reality it's the fall they are scared of. Same goes for love. It's not that you are scared of loving someone, it's that you might get your heart broken in the end. In the digital age you can meet people that may have never crossed your path before. You hear stories of inspiring love affairs that went through amazing obstacles to find ways to come together. Like the story of a 20 something year old guy who created a web site to find the woman he believed to be the girl of his dreams. A chance sighting in a New York subway he, with only a drawing of what he created from memory, pleaded with web viewers to help find her. He stated from the braided hair with the rose clip to the bright blue shorts with the dark blue tights he was struck. And as luck would have it ... he found her. He persevered through odds to find love. As always, I quote the amazing book "Eat.Pray.Love." as a guidance to my theories.

"I met an old lady once, almost a hundred years old, and she told me, 'There are only two questions that human beings have ever fought over, all through history. How much do you love me? And Who's in charge?" -Elizabeth Gilbert

It's not until you really process the idea in your mind do you actually see the relevance that it takes on. 
Love can be the highlight or the downfall in lifes mysterious plans. 

Now to my story. As my continued followers may have read, the year anniversary date to the beginning of my new life (my single life ... lol) began. I have had a few interests here and there but nothing that panned out. I wouldn't say that i'm picky but I don't believe I should have to compromise my happiness just to be content. I feel love shouldn't be forced. It should be a natural emotion of attraction and passion. Sometimes I feel that because I live in a small community that i'm stuck inside a box with no holes. I can't breath, i'm suffocating. So me and my partner in crime, Barbie, have devised a brilliant plan. I am going to sign up with a
and I will commit myself to going on atleast 50 first dates. With these dates I plan to share my experiences, the good and the bad, with everyone. I look at it as a very different kind of experiment and a new way to get out there and meet new people. If it doesn't work ... so what. Life goes on and there is always another tomorrow. If it changes my life for the better ... then wonderful. Each date will have a valued standard and I am not looking to hook up. So follow me on this epic and i'm sure hilarious ride.

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  1. Danielle, I love this. Your so beautiful and so smart and deserve nothing but the best. So no do not settle to be content. You will know when the right one is in your presence. The passion will be automatic and will not be forced. I'm excited about your journey, a little jealous I didn't think of it myself:) I can not wait to hear and read about it. I know great things are headed your way! Love you always!