Monday, October 25, 2010

"If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got."

"Uggggggh .... almost up .... aaaaaalmost up! This isn't working ... hmm?? Maybe if I lay on the bed it might be alittle easier. Geeeeeet up!! Gawd its a tight fit.... juuuuust alittle more. Ahhhhhhh got it."
This is my morning dilemma each time I fight to squeeze into my jeans. Seems like either there is a evil jean fairy out to get me or my fatass is getting .... fatter. Diet & exercise never seem to get along with me very well. I do great for a week or so then it seems like Taco Bell starts calling my name. I swear they put more food commercials on when i'm trying to avoid those cellulite in a bag meals. I'm just so unhappy with my weight and I feel if I don't do something now .... 100 lbs later .... I wont be too happy.
My lovely friends and family have time and time again heard me preach my undying love for my diet coffee and my workout goddess guru, Zuzanna. ( I am putting the procrastination in the trash and really going to focus on me. There is no certain weight goal I am trying to obtain, just whatever makes me feel healthy and happy. But for my followers sake I will reveal my current weight and BMI in a tab (coming soon). Something completely embarrassing but I feel it is much need liberation. Once I cross that finish line I want to actually see the amount of progress I have made.So i'm suited up in my new workout gear and my rebox easy tones and im taking my mark.
So get ready and get set for my race against the bulge.

Now onto my weekly life updates.
Nothing new on my 50 first dates. I've had alot of prospects but I guess you can say that .... it's nerve racking. Am I really up for something like that? It's interesting the people who hear me talk about or even read what I write on this subject always say the same thing ... "Why is a girl like you doing a dating site?" First off it's frustrating to process "what a girl like me" means? Secondly, its 2010 and the world is hooked through the big massive world wide web. So this stigma attached to it still really makes me laugh. Yes there are risks involved but it would be the same risk if you even met a guy at a bar who asked you to dinner, you dont know much about him .... am I right? Who knows .... i'm not shooting the idea down but just for the moment it's postponed until further notice.
This weekend has been one of the funnest i've had in a long time. My return back to Respectable Street was just insanely amazing. I think I was never in one area for more than 5 minutes. When I drink I feel like I have the attention span of a gnat. Unfortunately my great return back to the party scene was also accompanied by an epic fail 2 days later. One of my best friends, Ozzy, had an amazing Halloween Bash which was great up until 11 pm when it became apparent that I had drank alittle .... okay alot more alcohol than I thought. The remainder of the night was spent in the rv outside guzzling water which actually saved me the next day. So a special thanks to Luigi for seeing that through ... lol ... life saver.

So as the world turns .... i'll be dancing around until I make it to center stage ;)

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