Sunday, October 31, 2010

Violent Hill

It's dark and I don't know which direction to go. Constantly moving at a quick pace trying to find the exit before night hits but the long path seems to be taking me in a never ending maze. Then in that moment, my heart sank and I know i've found it .... the end. I recognize this rocky hill and it looks oh too familiar and I know once I climb over it i'm home free. My chest is pounding harder, my eyes are filling with tears as i'm invisioning what i'm going to do once I find my way. Each step is takin with much ease and cautiousness not to slip and fall from the gravel sprinkling the hills surface. As i'm reaching for the edge to pull myself up I come to an abrupt stop and realize ... I was wrong. What I am met with is a view of what I just came from ...... the cycle continues.

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