Monday, July 25, 2011

Life ... and the silly things that go with it

Today starts a new day! I woke up this morning feeling like P.Diddy ... okay maybe not but I woke up feeling different, liberated if you will. This aura of empowerment glowed around me. Not to mention so far everything has gone right! I had tried a new energy drink and fell in love! So my affair with Red Bull has come to an end. The new Rockstar in my life is pink and comes with a straw ... adorable, right?! As my friend Rachelle would say, "It's like a juice box for adults!"

So for many of my close friends you know how obsessed I am with Coldplay. Literally the past week I have been listening to them on replay. As I got into my car today "Viva La Vida" streamed through the speakers which made my drive to work ridiculous if you were a car passing me! I car karaoked the shit outta that song! But I digress ....

As i'm in the process of finding out who I am as a person as well as fixing some character flaws I feel are very needed to reach my full potential of this life I was given. Without getting way too spiritual, I just wanted to share that each person has their own relationship with the guy upstairs. I feel that I have my own personal relationship with God and that nothing happens without a bigger, greater reason. It just takes time and willingness to transform. I feel I am transitioning nicely. 

Live. Love. Learn.

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  1. Yeah I can relate with the blog. So many silly things do happen in life on which you regret later on.But these silly things are also the part of the life.