Friday, July 22, 2011

The world doesn't wait on anyone ... and neither should I

So in the last 2 months I have felt myself start to transition. It was like this sudden wave came crashing over me that I finally feel I have put everything in such clear perspective. As the life I took for granted completely shut down I realized that I can't begin to grow if i'm unwilling to put words into action. I've felt the weight i've been carrying around on my shoulders have finally lifted once I took that deep breath and rebooted. Meditation is such a good outlet for me ... and not in the traditional legs crossed, back straight, eyes shut type of meditation. (although sometimes it helps) ... running is my main objective. So soothing and peaceful. Especially with god's creations all around and the gorgeous painted sky with the sun peaking around the clouds beaming it's rays of sunshine down.

Today instead of running, I sat on the benches out at the trail and just watched. There was literally no one else out there today. I felt as though I couldn't get enough of the beauty. Then I headed down to the lake and laid on the stone seating and starred up at the sky for a few hours. It got me thinking about life and my journey i'm constantly seeking.
Life is what we make of it ... you can either live in regret or move on with your life.
I feel myself becoming more selfless than selfish. If you care about the people in your life, really care, you would want them to be happy with whatever choices they make. Even if you wished differently.

The world doesn't wait for anyone and neither should I.


  1. OMG Danielle....i cannot believe the beauty with which you write. It is so great! How do you do it? You need to write a book or something. You have such a talent for the English language. :) Thanks for the deep thoughts. They were amazing.

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