Sunday, October 30, 2011

... and in walked love

Life has been an insane ride for me the last couple months. I try to document my life as it plays out but I sometimes get caught up in the excitement of it all. So really I just want to recap on what my amazing journey has brought me to. In the last year I have had many ups and downs, as I know many of you have read through my endless amounts of posts would know. My whole meaning behind this blog was to follow my journey as well as evolution in life. I think this past year I was fixated on fixing myself. It seemed as though I could not push forward with my goals without ripping myself in half and getting deep down into the core of my being. It was a cold hard wakeup call for me and sometimes I wanted to just crawl in a hole and stay there forever, but again, I pushed through.

So this summer was my breaking point and I broke down into pieces. They say when you hit rock bottom there is only one way to go .... UP! I literally was a walking zombie. I'd wake up, cry, get ready for work, cry, go to work, cry. But when 7 pm rolled around and I would go to the trail and walk. I would set my Coldplay cd on repeat and just think. I was open to the world out there. It helped me with my breathing techniques, meditation and I would get all my feelings out. Luckily I was the only one out there so I didn't look like a complete psycho to everyone else talking out load to myself, until now. After awhile I felt at peace. It almost felt as if my problems were washed away and I felt so rejuvenated. The old saying goes, "Everything happens for a reason" and I was subconsciously preparing myself for what was to come.

... and in walked love

The moment I saw Jason I couldn't stop thinking about him. The way we got together is alittle complicated so I will spare you the details and begin when he came to ask me out. I was beyond nervous to the point of  me seeming rude. (*sidenote*When i'm nervous I tend to avoid making eye contact and give short responses) so thank goodness he was nervous himself and didn't notice or we wouldn't be where we are today. So again, sparing you the intricate details, the date ended with a kiss and from there on I was hooked. Jason is part of that rare breed of male species. He is kind, thoughtful, loving and supportive and is just what I need in my life. I've been burned by others so bad before that in that past few years I turned into someone I wasn't. I hated commitment and couldn't see myself settling .... I was always restless. I gave my infamous 3 month rule which all my close friends will understand what that means. lol. Back to Jason, he doesn't make up my whole life but he adds to it to complete me. For once in my life, I feel some stability and support that i've really needed. But again, without those other twists and turns in my life I would have never become who I am today. I have no regrets in my past and I believe I met Jason at the perfect point in my journey. 

"Good friends are like stars…. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there."

 It's funny to see how my relationship with Amber has grown. When we first met, neither of us thought it would pan out much more than our significant others being friends. But as time went on our friendship blossomed. So when she moved away earlier this year I was unsure and scared to see how our friendship would change. Distance seems to unravel the tightest bonds but in our case it merely stretched and grew thicker. Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to visit my favorite Georgia Peach :)

The Future of

My journey is nowhere near done. Although I feel that this book is finished, I have only just begun writing my sequel. In the next few months I will be in the process of moving to Orlando to be closer to Jason, starting college once again and start crossing off some goals on my "Buried Life List" (featured in the TAB section). 


  1. Thanks for the update Danielle. I haven't heard from you in so long but I'm grateful for this blog so I got to see what you've been up to.

    What ever happened with mark. really? That was so crazy how that whole thing ended. I thought you were such an amazing mentor & put 150% into everything you did. I wanted to let you know I appreciated everything you did for me. :)

    Are you in Orlando now? How is life?

  2. More content. More content! :-)

    Do you have a new blog?