"The Buried Life List"

In life, people attempt to set out certain goals they wish to accomplish by the end of their time. Some would call this a bucket list. I prefer to stay trendy and call it "The Buried Life List", after the hit show on MTV. I want to knock all my walls down and get out of this little box i've been in. What inspired me to start a list so soon is my 3 best friends, C.2.D. On August 1, 2009 their lives were cut short. They have forever changed the life of the small town that I am from. I am so happy to say that I got the chance to know and love them. Life is so unexpected and you have to cherish every day like it's your last. It's truly a gift, not a given right.
So ask yourself .... If you died today, would you have any regrets?

I would also love suggestions to help me add to my growing list.

Red indicates accomplishment

Traversing Between Trees on a Zip Line (Canopy tour)
Fire a pistol.
Go white water rafting
Ride in a hot air balloon
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
Learn how to belly dance
Learn how to play the drums
Become fluent in French.
Learn to say "hello" in 10 languages.
Run a marathon.
Go parasailing.
Write a book.
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Design a pair of Heels
The Sydney Opera House, Australia
Walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Visit a Nazi War camp
Go on a Cruise
Watch a TV series from beginning to end
Become a member of couchsurfing.org
Go on an EPIC road trip
Donate Bone Marrow
Learn how to Snowboard
Inspire Someone (On behalf of Barbie)
Watch every movie that has won an Oscar for Best Picture
Audition  for a role in a movie
Finish College
Make the front page of the newspaper.
Sleep in a castle
Go on safari.
Attend The World Cup
Attend a fashion show
Slow dance in the middle of the street
Send a message in a bottle
Kissed in the rain
Get My fortune told
Dance at the Ellen Degeneras Show
Swim in a fountain
Donate blood
Find a view that truly takes my breath away
Have a picnic
Learn how to cook