L - - E

Love ... that 4 letter word that either terrifies every being in your body or makes you feel like your floating through the air. Either way it's a powerful word that people always seem to interpret differently. Personally, I don't feel I have ever experienced love. As images run through my mind I try to pull out something from my past relationships to say otherwise, but nothing. I have only really had two relationships in my life, one from high school and another that lasted for about two years. I feel the first relationship is almost like when you get your first car. You were so excited to tell your friends about it and you felt like finally you are an adult. Looking back on it now you realize that car was a piece of shit. Something to get you from point A to point B.

I'm 21 and single. October 24th 2010 will mark the one year of being out of a relationship. I pride myself on being a strong and independent person and i'm not going to jump into something just because it's there. So .... cross your fingers as I prepare for a bumpy ride. I'm a major flight risk who is afraid of falling but I think it's worth the trip.